Waren de Goden astronauten?

+ - Vale a pena relembrar: Pinturas (petroglifos) nas cavernas  de Tassili n’Ajjer, mostram misteriosas criaturas que se parecem com astronautas, usando capacetes, luvas e estranhos macacões. Elas são encontradas no Planalto Tassili do sul da Algeria, no deserto árido do Saara.  Tassili n’Ajjer significa ‘Planalto dos Rios’. Por volta de 10.000 AC, o povo africano da …

Entfuhrentanz, Die Flucht - Medieval UFO Alien Print on Wood

Un descubrimiento impactante | Está Bueno

In the ancient days Indians were the first to do astronomy and astrology. Every other civilization just copied and mirrored , several thousands of years later. Maya Danava went to Peru on his own Vimana which was a spacecraft. He had designed several of these spacecrafts for Kubera.

alien green men Egyptian hieroglyphs

Actual sede de la Diócesis de la ciudad, la catedral consta de dos partes una conocida como la Vieja Catedral y la segunda como la Nueva Catedral. La parte más nueva fue construida entre 1513 y 173…

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۞ ADM Lenneth A  Suméria é considerada a civilização mais antiga da humanidade, localizava-se na parte sul da Mesopotâmia. Evidências a...


Well, if you are completely blind to the possibilities that Aliens are here, then maybe you can consider possibilities that they WERE here ...

ufo egypt

Our ancient teachers :: El Libertario

Sensacional descoberta no México! Encontradas em uma caverna as "pedras da primeira reunião" entre extraterrestres e os maias.

The image on the right depicts Mary at the tomb of Jesus. It is one of a series of images from the "Relinquary Box" which contains stones from holy sites of Palestine. Dated 6th-7th C. it is Located at Biblioteca, Vatican. can you see the dome shaped object above the tomb, If it is a building why is it hovering, Also, what is the round object on top?

Best Evidence for The Ancient Astronaut or Ancient Alien Theory

New Artifacts Prove Alien Contact with Mayans | in5d.com

Paleo Astronauts.

Paleo astronauts

Изображение со страницы http://sekretmira.ru/wp-content/uploads/2012/12/7.jpg.

The most unexplained photos that exist... - The Meta Picture

While the UFO phenomenon may have gained popularity in the second half of the 20th Century, there ha...

Middle ages Painting. You may have seen this on Ancient Aliens. This has been cropped. The beam hits a woman inside the building,

Lord Murugan lands in Lanka with his attendants- The Skanda temple in Kataragama in South Eastern Sri Lanka is a popular temple amongst the different ethnic groups. It is said that the god came to Sri Lanka from India long ago. http://kataragama.org/research/shanmugalingam-2001.htm

La crucifixión (sobre 1350) con 2 objetos curiosos en las esquinas superiores...

Oh, whats that on the wall? Looks like a flying object, the shape, dimensions and proportions of it thoroughly consistent with modern day UFO sightings. It has a fuselage and a cockpit made of a tr…


STAR GATES: These two tapestries were created in the 15th century. Both are located at the French Basillica Notre-Dame in Beaune, Burgandy. Hat shaped objects can be clearly seen in both tapestries which depict the life of Mary. WHAT DO YOU SEE??? WHAT DO YOU THINK??? WHAT DO WE KNOW???

This is the second part of my February 2011 article . My goal is to bring evidence that UFOs visited...

The UFO was seen over 1300 years: UFO last time 2

The UFO was seen over 1300 years

The 1561 celestial phenomenon over Nuremberg was a mass sighting of celestial phenomena or unidentified flying objects (UFO) above Nuremberg, Germany.


Possível OVNI / UFO é descoberto em pintura antiga na România » OVNI Hoje!

Ego Quid Videret - Blockprint on Wood - A Medieval UFO Sighting


“Annales Laurissenses" Siglo XII. Describe un objeto en el cielo de Francia en 776

Describe un objeto en el cielo de Francia en 776

Sigiburg 776 ap. JC

Sigiburg 776 ap. JC

Sfere e oggetti luminosi dai tempi antichi nell’arte e la religione extraterrestre!

It doesn't get any simpler to understand, than this..



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Archaeological piece of a UFO found in Mexico More information: Join us on Tsu! The new revolutionary social network that pays you just for using it! :) www.tsu.co/TheLightworkers

Utsuro-bune - Earliest known documentation of a UFO. Japan 1803c

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Háromezer éves űrhajós kőszobor Törökországban | Costa Del Sol magazin



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