Doe een chakratest

Your spiritual gift based on the chakra charts is the power to influence others.
You posses within the qualities of a strong leader. You also have the skill to bring people together and to guide them in the right direction.

You are a guide and advisor for a number of beings – both on this plane and in the spirit realms.

You are an evolved spiritual being who has learned or will learn to tap into higher wisdoms later in life. Lightworkers use these higher wisdoms to bring guidance and meaning to individuals who are lost. You will often be drawn to individuals and groups throughout life who seek to join in collaborative conscious evolution.

Being able to bring people together and to act as a teacher and guide is a wondeful gift to have. Your spiritual gift of coherent expression will open a number of opportunities and paths in life. Keep in mind that Lightworks must work with higher forces to make the best decisions and to avoid mis-using their gifts of influence for self-gain.

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