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Naar bed naar bed

Cupboard Shelter, December 1943. A day nursery in the East End of London shelters children in a linen cupboard during an air raid.

Box beds

antiques-box bed

In homes with usually only one room, the box-bed allowed some privacy and helped keep people warm during winter. It was the main furniture of rural houses in Brittany until the 20th century.

OOPS! Falling out of a box bed-lits clos | Autour des lits clos bretons - La chute - Ma doué ! la descente est ...


Lits-clos or box bed, a traditional piece of Breton furniture from times when many people shared one room

Society and Civilization — Box-Bed, Closet Bed, or Enclosed Bed Enclosed...

Closed Bed Breton Bedroom

vast wel lekker warm zo’n kast

Box bed of Brittany. Homes in early France often had only one room. These beds saved space.

Les sabots de Noël !!! Dans une maison de Bretagne une mère entretient le feu dans la cheminée, les sabots des petits alignés sur l'âtre, les enfants dans le lit clos regardent (from https://mercipourlacarte.com/picture?/1454/)

lit-clos breton

Collection " Lits Clos Bretons "La courte échelleEditeur: AmauryAu verso: Editions d' Art Hamonic, St Brieuc

Also called bed closets. Image More

Closed Bed Breton Bedroom

Bretagne - Lit clos Plus

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