26 april 2021


Vaccinaties wel of niet gezond?

Love the "black eye" analogy. It works both ways when you say correlation does not equal causation.......The argument most mandatory vaccination pushers use against us is not what it seems. Writer Courtney Charles breaks down the myth.

In Amerika spuiten ze baby’s totaal vol met die rommel…een pasgeboren baby… is een
nieuw leven dat moet wennen aan op aarde zijn en weerstand moet krijgen van nature, niet dankzij vaccins.

So doesn't it make sense that they would have a reason to conjure up a story that suits their pocket book?

Autism rates are rising just as the amount of vaccinations are increasing...

I am not anti-vaccination. My kids will be vaccinated. but will not receive useless vaccinations like flu shots or chicken pox.

Polio vaccine

Waar of niet geen idee…


vaccination in netherlands

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