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11:11 Dubbele getallen
Chemtrails / Geo-engineering / HAARP / CERNPolitiek-Elite

Griekenland brandt dankzij “directed energy weapons”

Glas smelt, plastic smelt niet, takken in bomen inclusief bladeren, boomstammen niet…aluminium wieldoppen zijn gesmolten…houten balken zijn vaak niet verbrand, de huizen verbranden van binnenuit.
Huizen staan nog, maar de auto’s aan de weg zijn verbrand inclusief de ramen.

Ze noemen het gestuurde vuur energie.
Opzettelijk gestuurd vuur, een nieuw wapen.
Directed energy Weapons(-fire).

In heel Europa zijn bosbranden.


It’s called State Terrorism!
Brought to you by the NWO, The Bilderberg Commission, and Various Government Sponsored Arsonists!

The UN is behind everything they and their cronies. They run everything.

there is a technology that heats metal…think of microwave ovens. when you put metal in them, they spark and ignite something fierce. there’s a video on youtube somewhere that describes this technology, where a plan flies overhead and metal in people’s pockets heats up terribly. i think it was used in afghanistan. i wish i could remember where i saw that video. …but this is what is happening. the DEW flies overhead and sends energy downward, causing the metal to rapidly heat and burst into flames. not a normal ground fire

going on a while all over. If u don’t already know about it, check out melted/missing metal door handles and bombed out looking vehicles in parking lots and surrounding streets around WTC Complex on 9/11.

We’ve also had a lot of “wild fire’s” here in Canada.. I don’t believe for ONE SECOND,, that these are actual “wildfires”… These ARE DIRECT ENERGY WEAPONS, hitting us.. The culling if humanity has begun.. Seek out a relationship with Christ Jesus while you still can.. Pray for our Brothers and Sister’s.. That we receive mercy… Repent while there’s still time…

Definitely DEA weaponry, look at locations, all ports that would be useful for Port shipping etc

Could this be a warning towards the goverment of Greece not to get out of the EU?

Reminiscent of the cars found during 9/11…a sick twisted reminder of their agenda. Peace all, be safe…smh

You said about ALUMINIUM that , the wills are lying on the road , the ASPHALT . What is the melt temperature of the asphalt ?The road must be completed destroyede .

The UN, Vatican, CIA, NWO, Milkitary Industrial Complex, Rothschild’s,, they are (all) guilty of this (very blatant) attack against (all) of humanity, it is the proper time to shoot down all of those weaponized military satellites, very soon!!!))))))))))))

At 7:15 with that type of devastation to the cars, why didn’t the apartment building to the left go up on flames also?

For a forest fire to toast in the entire Street of cars there should be soot and Ash everywhere.




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