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11:11 Dubbele getallen

DEW in Californië (Direct energy weapons)

Vreemde zaak dit gebeurde ook in Griekenland zg opwarming der aarde.
Hm hm…daarom sommige huizen en bomen wel en sommigen niet?
Bizar dit.

In science fiction, futuristic soldiers are often shown wielding light emitting weapons. Flash Gordon used a ray gun, Captain Kirk carried a phaser, and Darth Vader brandished a light saber. But, today, the imagined future of science fiction is a reality. The United States is deploying a new generation of weapons that discharge light-wave energy, the same spectrum of energy found in your microwave, or in your TV remote control. They’re called “directed-energy weapons”. Lasers, high-powered microwaves, and particle beams. They claim that this technology is new and that first directed energy weapons are being tested right now, but the fact is that advanced technology is always suppressed from the general public. What is Directed Energy? How do direct energy weapons work? What can these direct energy weapons do?

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