24 april 2021


Dieren te leuk voor woorden!

Family Of Cats Watch TV Together

Just a family of cats enjoying some TV ??Credit: ViralHog

Geplaatst door Go Animals op dinsdag 16 januari 2018

Corgi Butts

Tag a friend who'd enjoy this ? ?

Geplaatst door Paw My Heart op vrijdag 13 oktober 2017


Yorkie's Smile

Caution – This smile is infectious 😀

Geplaatst door Pawsome & Beautibull op maandag 26 september 2016



Chinees hondenspeeltje gevuld met vuilnis

We bought two of these dog toys at Fivebelow and our dogs ripped them open. They are filled with a cigarette butt, trash, plastic, and all kinds of other random things including some kind of weird needle packaging. I know we didn't pay a lot for these, but does this seem normal at all??? They ripped the other one open a couple of days ago and have been sick. We did not look closely at the other one before we threw it away, but now we are wondering if they could have eaten something to make them sick out of that toy. #fivebelow #psa #dogtoy #bulldogs FiveBelow Fundraisers

Geplaatst door Tarah West op zondag 14 januari 2018


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