Schattige hond

Italian Greyhound:

Ik heb een zwak voor spichtig en zielig kijkende hondjes.

Italiaanse windhond is dit…

Italiaanse windhond:

Italian Greyhound:

Zo’n Dobby free master sock verhaal weet ik veel…ook alweer

Italian Greyhound dog art portraits, photographs, information and just plain fun. Also see how artist Kline draws his dog art from only words at #drawDOGS He also can add your dog's name into the lithograph.:

The love is in the eyes:

Hmm to cute… die ogen en die snuit!

Sweet Italian Greyhound:

How can you resist that face?:

Haha wat een droppie!

Photo Italian greyhound dog Ceylin by Klaus Dyba on 500px:


Wat een foto overigens! Subliem!

Italian Greyhound -"AKA" my most favorite dog in the whole world:

Zo’n hond die je zo kunt natekenen als stripfiguur…
2 stips zijn de oogjes en eentje de neus en dan wat oortjes en een flinke lange dunne snoet

Italian Greyhound - Lupavaro Keplero:


Maar ja ik vind hem ook enorm leuk!

"I've spent a lifetime understanding and connecting to emotions - not only my own, but [those of] other people." ----- Adrien Brody, INFJ.:

"I think to be a well-rounded person, you have to experience good and bad, wonderful moments and pain. You need to meet people who have no exposure to kindness, who lack any opportunity and have no way out--like the homeless, the mentally ill--and you`ve got to learn empathy for them." ~ Adrien Brody:

Adrien Brody!

Lijkt wel toch, op die hond enzo?


Adrien Brody (American Actor Film Producer) The Pianist won him the Best Actor Award and the youngest actor to receive this award he is also the only American to win the French Cesar Award. He is known for his roles in Liberty Heights, King Kong, The Brothers Bloom, Splice, Predators, Midnight in Paris. . . .:

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