08 maart 2021


Being Rh negative is pretty special within itself

Being Rh negative is pretty special within itself, but do you have these magick powers too?

1, Empathy – You walk into a room and you instantly pick up on the vibes. You will know when someone has been laughing, crying, arguing, or is sad. It doesn’t matter if someone denies they are sad or upset about something, you will know the truth. You can tune into their feelings so well that if you are not careful you take on the other persons emotions too. We need to learn to hold back a little, otherwise we are no use to those who need us most.

2, Psychic – Yes, you did know that was going to happen didn’t you? How often to find yourself ‘just knowing’ something is going to happen before it does? Probably often right? It can get a little irritating can’t it? Always knowing what is going to happen next. No one can hold a surprise party for you, or buy you a surprise gift can they? You already knew all about it before they have even decided to plan it.

3, Mysterious – How often do you get told that someone just can’t figure you out? If you are Rh negative probably pretty often. This can often make others distrust you, or sometimes they might even think you are ‘too nice’ and therefore you must be hiding something. However, you attract lovers, unwanted attention and stalkers like no one else you have ever known! There is just something about you.. you are mysterious and your peers either love it or hate it.

4, Dreams – You have the most amazing pre-cognitive dreams, or just dreams that you can learn so much from. Your inner world teaches you so many lessons and you love to dream. Entering the dream realms is fascinating to you and you allow your dreams to teach you things, that others just don’t seem to notice. Actually you are the one others will come to and ask what their dreams mean, you can usually figure things out pretty well.

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5, Deep Thinker – You know how frustrating it is to sit thinking about the universe, the planets, the stars, insects, atoms, or anything really, but in a very deep contemplative way. And when you try to discuss these thoughts with your peers, they look at you like you are crazy? Yes, they are not a deep thinker like you and it can feel lonely at times when you are surrounded purely by others who aren’t like you.

6, Fountain of Youth – OK not exactly forever young, but as you pass your 20s you will notice that a lot of people think you are younger than your years. Rh negatives seem to radiate youth no matter how old they get.

7, Creativity – Us negs are a creative lot, and it doesn’t mean just art. Writing, poetry, crafts, baking, making things, designing stuff, building a business, performing, making music, rituals, no matter what it is you will have plenty of creative ideas and concepts just ready to express out on to the world. Why don’t others get it? You might think to yourself, as they continue on with their mundane life without ever seeming to have the need to create or be creative in any way. Freedom to express this creativity is very important to negs.


I’m a Neg!

Dussssssssss…klopt behoorlijk wel..

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