27 april 2021


Weer beeld 2013


Waarom is het nog steeds zo koud lente 2013?


Meer info…:




2 mei 2013




Smeltend pool ijs?

Of is het toch een foutje?

Of is het een foutje in deze richting en afkomstig vanuit Japan…dat gevoel laat mij niet los nml

Maar goed hiervoor mag je zelf uit gaan pluizen…-in 1986 en 1987 wat er gebeurde aan weer en klimaat na tjernobyl










Cast Hexagram:

55 – Fifty-Five
Fêng / Abundance

Thunder and Lightning from the dark heart of the storm:
The Superior Person judges fairly, so that consequences are just.

The leader reaches his peak and doesn’t lament the descent before him.
Be like the noonday sun at its zenith.
This is success.


You are in a position of authority in this situation.
Archetypally, you are the New King, returned from your quest to claim your throne.(macht)
However, you are enlightened enough to realize that you are merely a part of a cycle, and that you must someday yield your throne to the new kid in town, the younger, faster gunslinger, the young turk, the next returning hero, the next New King.
Fretting about the inevitable descent is senseless.
For now you must play your role to the hilt and use this gift of power to govern your world as best you can.
You are the best person for the job.
That’s why you were chosen.
Give it your personal best.
Transformed Hexagram:

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13 – Thirteen
T’ung Jên / Social Mechanism

Heaven reflects the Flame of clarity:
The Superior Person analyzes the various levels and working parts of the social structure, and uses them to advantage.

Success if you keep to your course.
You may cross to the far shore.


This is a matter of Positioning — not only yourself, but others as well.
There are niches to be filled, potentials to be realized, right livelihoods to be found.
You are not building a new organization, but shoring up an existing infrastructure.
It’s worth the effort, because it will provide union, community, and an ironclad alliance.
Upper Trigram:
Chên / Thunder
Image: Thunder.
Qualities: Arousing, Activity, Excitement, Growth, Expanding, Impulsive, Provocative, Adventurous, Experimental, Vehement, Influential, Persuasive, Seductive, Decisive.
Direction: East.
Family Member: Eldest Son.
Body Part: Foot.
Season: Spring.
Time of Day: Early Morning.
Animal: Dragon.
Color: Amber.
Element: Grass.
Miscellaneous: Spreading Out, Blossoming, Great Road, Green Bamboo, Reed, Rush, Pod-bearing Plants.

Lower Trigram:
Li / Fire
Image: Fire, Sun, Lightning.
Qualities: Clear, Conscious, Intelligent, Dependent, Clinging, Illuminating, Warming, Searing.
Direction: South.
Family Member: Middle Daughter.
Body Part: Eye.
Season: Midsummer.
Time of Day: Noon.
Animal: Pheasant.
Color: Yellow.
Element: Fire.
Miscellaneous: Clarity, Coat of Mail, Helmet, Armor, Lance, Weapons, Big-bellied, Dryness, Tortoise, Crab, Snail, Mussel, Shell-bearing, Creatures, Tree Dead at the Top, Firm Without, Hollow Within.

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