27 januari 2021


Smilingly you said who is the mad one from the start?


Rose petals let us scatter And fill the cup with red wine The firmaments let us shatter And come with a new design - Hafez بیا تا گـل برافـشانیم و می در ساغر اندازیم فـلـک را سقـف بـشـکافیم و طرحی نو دراندازیم

From whose house this joyous light brightens my heart?
Whose lover has sent my soul this cupid’s burning dart?
This state wrecks my house and my faith
Whose bosom enfolds her & whose fingers her hair part?
The nectar of her lips always remains upon my lips
Whose soul will comfort & for whom pour a wine quart?
That candle who radiates riches and joy
Ask God, whose moth flight tonight shall thwart?
Mesmerizes everyone, while none can know
To whose tale her gentle heart will wake and smart?
O God, that supremely gentle and graceful face
Whose rare jewel is tonight and whose irreplaceable art?
I sighed, O Hafiz, that I’m crazy when apart
Smilingly you said who is the mad one from the start?



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