EDGAR CAYCE: The Sleeping Prophet (1877–1945)

The Sleeping Prophet (1877–1945)

Part 1: Introduction

Part 2: The Best Edgar Cayce Quotes

by Scott Mowry


When the discussion begins about the greatest prophets the world has ever seen, it may well end with the late, great Edgar Cayce, who became famously known as the “sleeping prophet.”

The humble, unassuming man from modest rural Hopkinsville, Kentucky roots, Edgar Cayce rose to fame in the 1920’s for his astounding clairvoyant and psychic abilities. It could easily be argued that he may have been the greatest prophet to have ever lived, at least in the modern age, but regardless, he certainly ranks as one of the most accurate.

His impressive assortment of prognostications have had a remarkable 90% success rate, even to this day, and he rivals some of the more well known prophets such as Nostradamus.

The Edgar Cayce legacy continues to hover for future generations to discover his amazing gifts as a prophet and soothsayer. And as further confirmation of his greatness, It was none other than Edgar Cayce who presented to the world such terms as “soul mate,” “meditation,” “spiritual growth,” “auras” and “holism,” that now have become common in the modern lexicon.

Mr. Cayce was also one of the first to mention the lost continent of Atlantis and the Akashic records. And he provided great insights into the ancient culture of Egypt and other past civilizations, with unknown details and revelations.

Thanks to the tireless and dedicated work of his personal secretary, Gladys Davis, many of Mr. Cayce’s 14,000 readings have been well documented and remain accessible to this very day. Based upon those readings, there have been well over 300 books written about Mr. Cayce’s life and prophecies and more books continue to be produced year after year. The sheer volume of these works alone, is a testament to the power of Edgar Cayce’s rich legacy.

As the sleeping prophet, it was Mr. Cayce’s ability to put himself into a trance-like state and conjure up astounding and unique wisdom for those who came to him for medical, health and personal advice. He did this for 43 years of his life, and often didn’t charge for his services. Yet he readily discharged medical treatments that shocked traditional doctors and ultimately, cured terminal illnesses and saved many lives.

Upon awakening, Mr. Cayce often had no recollection of what he had said while in the trance state and retained none of those psychic abilities. And even though he was a devout Christian, Mr. Cayce dispensed profound wisdom on ESP (extra-sensory perception), reincarnation and other extremely esoteric subjects while in the trance, often contrary to traditional religious doctrines.

Sydney D. Kirkpatrick, author of the book, “Edgar Cayce: An American Prophet,” was given unprecedented access by the Association for Research and Enlightenment (A.R.E.) to examine the numerous readings that Mr. Cayce gave during his lifetime. Mr. Kirkpatrick, came away convinced that Edgar Cayce posessed amazing gifts unlike any other prophet before him.

“Cayce was not a fraud. Even the most clever con-man wouldn’t have been capable of delivering over 14,145 fully documented trance readings over a period of forty-five years, of which no two readings were alike, and over ninety percent are believed to have been correct.”

Edgar Cayce correctly predicted numerous world events years in advance and also, some that were long forgotten dating back into ancient history, with astounding precision. Some of these events included:

– foretold the stock market crash of 1929.
– foresaw the rise of Adolf Hitler
– predicted the start and end of WW II
– foretold of the shifting of the Earth’s magnetic poles
– foresaw the deaths of Presidents FDR and JFK
– foresaw the rebirth of the nation of Israel
– foretold of the collapse of Soviet Union and communism
– predicted Russian religious freedom and religious movement
– foresaw the alliance of Russia and US
– foretold the discovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls.
– revealed there was once a community of people in the Middle East called the Essenes
– foretold the discovery of the lost continent of Atlantis
– foresaw the use of laser lights in medical research
– foresaw the rise of the aviation and radio industries
– foresaw the great influence of aviation on the world
– foresaw the development of infra-red vision for night vision
– predicted the convergence of communications companies.
– foresaw the use of blood as a diagnostic tool.
– predicted the La Nina and El Nino climatic effects.

In 1931, Edgar Cayce founded The Association for Research and Enlightenment, Inc. (A.R.E. ®), as a not-for-profit organization, in Virginia Beach, Virginia. Although the property was lost for a period of time during the Great Depression, the Cayce family continues to operate the organization to this day.

The A.R.E.’s mission is “to research and explore transpersonal subjects such as holistic health, ancient mysteries, personal spirituality, dreams and dream interpretation, intuition, and philosophy and reincarnation.”

The organization also hosts numerous events and conferences on their Virginia Beach campus with guest speakers such as Gregg BradenDannion BrinkleyBarbara Hand Clow and many, many others.

The A.R.E also sponsors tours of some of the world’s most fascinating locations such as Egypt, Israel, China, India, Mexico, Peru, Chile, Tibet, and various sites of spiritual relevance in Europe.

In addition, through their Atlantic University, the A.R.E. offers continuing education and a Master of Arts degree program in Transformative Theories and Practices.

Apparently, Edgar Cayce as he had promised, has returned to the modern age in the form of young man named, David Wilcock, who claims he is the reincarnation of the great prophet.

David Wilcock provides ample evidence of his claims such as his extremely similar birth chart, his similar types of family and friends, his unique prophetic abilities, but most of all, for his absolutely remarkable physical resemblance to Edgar Cayce.

Regardless of the validity of his reincarnation claims, David Wilcock is a man worthy of attention along the lines of Edgar Cayce for his amazing abilities to present new and heartening information to the world. Not only does he posesses a wealth of scientific, spiritual and pyschic information and wisdom, but he is truly one of the most inspiring and uplifting people on the planet today.

We have assembled a very detailed David Wilcock section covering his latest updatesradio interviewsaudio recordingsvideos, books, and recommended resources, for your enlightenment.


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