25 september 2020


Voor de zomerse dagen!!!(Tips en verkoeling)

#7: I will need a english degree to pursue my dream job. I need to be able to write emails to sponsors and future benefactors.:

Have fun! Eindelijk zomer…en bekijk de foto’s… Heerlijk toch 🙂
Paradise! Wouldn't you love to be here right now - I would!:

Prep yourself for Summer with this handy beach beauty guide - https://dropdeadgorgeousdaily.com/2013/12/surfer-girl-products/:

The beach is a pretty classic place for a picnic. There is something magical about a fire pit and the ocean breeze.

Lovely light, makes me feel I could almost be walking down this wooden path to the beach right now...:

How pretty would these be for a summer wedding or even a backyard picnic:

BLUE - conserving, healing, relaxation, exploration, trust, calmness, immortality.:

DIY ideas for a great Summer BBQ. Let's dip these in cool, white wines, shall we? #WineShopAtHome:

Bora Bora Sunset. I would like to enjoy the beauty of this seemingly enchanting area of land mass:

Een tip als je het heel warm krijgt…
Citroen naar smaak in een glas water met suiker…
Helpt enorm tegen de hitte…! Je hebt dan echt minder last van de hitte…probeer het maar eens.
Verse citroen is natuurlijk het beste!
Een voetenbad met koud water in de tuin is heerlijk, af en toe erin stappen, koelt lekker af,
maar ook de ventilator kun je heel decadent in de tuin neerzetten…
richting je stoel ofzo… 😉

Aloha! Summer is just around the corner #summer #quote +++For more quotes like this, visit https://www.quotesarelife.com/:

Een badje in de tuin mag ook nog als je ouder bent dan 12 hoor!

Polyplex Swim & Aqua - Kinderbaden Maastricht (Limburg):

Of dit in je zwembad…
Giant pizza pool toy. I think they actually just put a bunch of single slice pizza pool toys and put them together to form a big pizza.:

Zalig toch?

Clarity matters. Clients often report not 'knowing' what they want; not being able to decide what to do. In fact, what's missing in their lives is clarity. Coaching helps clients get crystal clear about their desires in any facet of their lives. Once they have clarity, they realize they DO know what they want; they CAN make affirming decisions. If you don't have clarity, it's always going to be difficult to navigate life in a positive way. ~ JAL www.julielichty.com:

I've had a one sweaty summer. Lost so much weight that when I came back to work today, I was getting a lot if hugs, some ladies feeling my bony ribs at the back.:

The crystal clear water seems calming and purifying. A transcendentalist would enjoy a nice relaxing swim in this water while being in touch withe the beauty of nature.:

Splendida foto di una goccia d'acqua. #Glassislife #ChooseGlass:

Gordijnen doe je dicht de hele dag, dan blijft je huis koel!
By The Beach - Clearly Beautiful!:

A Elephant baby - https://jackravenbooks.com/wp/index.php/2015/07/30/the-x-factor-code-revolutionary-sex-appeal-intensification-system-2/:

https://www.greeneratravel.com/ Cambodia Tours - Fitzroy Island:

Daretalk is largest innovative discuss forum, www.daretalk.com A community for internet, film, music, art, theater, games, comics, design, photography, technology and more.:

Ruins of Doria Castle, Portovenere, Italy:

Beluister deze muziek!



Seagulls on a sand dune at the beach by the ocean under a blue sky. For the BEST coastal inspiration FOLLOW now: https://www.pinterest.com/happygolicky/beach-beach-beach-off-to-the-coastal-chic-cottage-/:

Sandy Soul :: Salty Skin :: White Sand :: Beach Body :: Summer Vibes :: Free your Wild :: See more Sun, Sand + Salt Water Inspiration @untamedorganica:

Azul gastado - AD España, © Belén imaz En el patio que une los dos volúmenes de la casa, mesa y sillas compradas en la India.:



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