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Wist je dit al?

I'd agree with all of these, except for Bill Gates - I'm not making the connection between Microsoft & Ebola

This is the real statistics that I've been trying to map and my head, whenever i think why isn't everybody aware of this already.

Millenials outnumber Baby Boomers

Love is our salvation, have no fear.

Fluoride side effects - educate yourself


Jay Z & Tupac

Oh hell yeah, this is what I'm talking about, people parroting the accepted narrative. And those who dare challenge it are mentally ill.

Illuminati Exposed (This is the resistance)

Image from https://www.secretsofthefed.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/04/FALSE-FLAG-TERROR-BOSTON-MARATHON-MEME-300x256.jpg.

"Chem Trails...." any thoughts? Most of you probably aren't informed on this...

Chemtrails: Frightening Lesser-Known Facts https://timetounite.com/chemtrails-frightening-lesser-known-facts/

Iconosquare  Flat earth experience                                                                                                                                                                                 More

En die zooi en rommel regeert dan…think!

Hoe kun je zuiverheid verwachten van dat wat al zo slecht was vanaf de wortels?
Oorlog is duivels evil, onmenselijk, normale mensen wensen dat nooit die gaan nog in gesprek…zij niet…zij doden en vermoorden.

Je snapt dat wij mensheid dit bijna als normaal is gaan zien…oh die ander is slecht dus maak maar dood?
Laat mensen leven in eigen culturen en waardeer hun gewoonten en kennis maar ga er niet in roeren.
Laat iedereen zijn eigen leven in eigen land volmaken.

Lady Gaga's infatuation with the occult has served as inspiration for her artistic expression which varies in its representation of several different esoteric tenets and figures, including Baphomet whom she pays homage to quite frequently. Her often over-the-top performance art can range anywhere from a horned devilish ensemble all the way to prosthetic makeup intended to make her appear as if she's received brutal sub-dermal implants which resemble anatomically realistic horns.

Beroemdheden onder invloeden.
Geen keus meer, rijkdom is ziel verkopen.

Stop Monsanto products are aspartame, saccharin, bovine growth hormones, MSG, Agent Orange Dioxin - https://www.pinterest.com/RebaRossetti/activism-stop-monsanto/


#BernieSanders FeelTheBern.org berniesanders.com Voteforbernie.org #FeeltheBERN #HillarySupportsMONSANTO


Monsanto is evil

De top is slecht…
Wake up aub!

(2506) Twitter | Climate change is part of the globalist, UN, Agenda 2030, take over plan 'excuse' for land grabs, water grabs,  and forcing people into overcrowded tiny cities (controlled by globalists of course). Capitalism for the bosses, communism for the masses.


Truth!  What's wrong with this picture? Amish farmers harassed for selling raw milk and organic food.  Farmers that are POISONING Americans are given immunity and government subsidies.

37 million Bees found dead in Elmwood, Ontario, Canada, after large planting of GMO corn seed treated with Neonicotinoid pesticides.

Het is een grote zooi en alles draait bij onkundige mensen enkel om geld…niet om dieren of mensen of leven op aarde. Als zij er maar beter van worden.


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