24 april 2021


Griezelige medische dingen uit de oudheid!!! 2

When women used to be depressed or were not “taking care of their men” properly their husbands could send them to the psych ward for attitude adjustments. This was part of conditioning them to always wear a smile. They believed that if a woman saw herself smiling that it would become natural practice and that she would be “cured”. This often went along with shock therapies.:

Ha, dat werkte vast als een speer!
The Jugum Penis was intended to cure "spermatorrhoea", a Victorian-era name for nocturnal emissions. The device was fashioned out of a metal ring, which would fit at the base of the penis and was attached with a clip. Essentially, a bear trap for erections.  Dude.  Victorians were mental!:

Voor mannen een anti masturbatie bandje!
Of band…bedoel?

First Human X-ray 1896:

De eerste menselijke X ray!
Traité complet d'anatomie de l'homme (1866-1871), 2nd ed. by Bourgery, Bernard, and Jacob  This instrument (used prior to the discovery of anesthesia), initially caught the stone with a claw, drilled it to smaller pieces, and then removed the smaller fragments by the same claw:

De grootste nachtmerrie van veel mannen…misschien uit een vorig leven?!
110-year old reusable condoms made from fish bladder. At that time were reusable to an estimated amount of 10 times. Along with the original cardboard box with the maker’s label. The box's size was a 26 x 6 cm. The fish bladder condoms with its case sold for a whopping 2000 Euros at auction. There are signs of crosses on the packaging that may indicate how many times the condoms were used before by the owner. And if you look closely you can even find the manufacturer.:

Condooms gemaakt van een vissenblaas!
Je kon het lekker wassuh en dan 10 x gebruiken dus ja?
Vis en sperma ach?
Hoe kwam men drop?
Yuck! Tapeworms as a diet aid... "In fact, the tapeworm is the modern era’s first diet aid. The tapeworm diet got its start in the Victorian era when wealthy fashionistas began to look for ways to string those corsets tighter and tighter. Later, this weight loss method really picked up steam in the 1920′s when Flappers started to look for ways to get rid of those pesky, feminine curves.":

Papier Mache gynecological model after Dr Louis Auzoux c 1880:

Exquisite Bodies: or the Curious and Grotesque History of the Anatomical Model:

Nou, nou die gaat deeper dan deepie!
Vind ik niet normaal enzo!
Al die artsen in die tijd… [email protected] Hups…gewoon doorrrrggaaannnnnnnnnnn!

19th-century pregnant dolls - Fetus model set (circa 1877) - Toyota Collection:

1877! NB!
18th c. anatomical figure,  Italian:

18de eeuws… wauw!

From the "Anatomie des Vanités" exhibit at the Erasmus House in Brussels, Belgium. "Venus," medical mannequin.:

Mooi wel!
Green Medicine Bottles:

Mooi die oude flesjes en labels!
Marijuana has been medicine for all of human history. End prohibition and give the people back this natural cure!: \

Gelukkig psychologisch getest!!!!!!!
Ye olde uterine supporter.  During Victorian times, vaginal and uterine prolapse was fairly common because of corsetry.  No worries!  This handy device could help keep it all tucked away...:

Ehm…. snap het niet helemaal!?
Dus eh er ging iets in naar de binnen enzo?

cry via Angel-Wings Echt die arme mensen!
En dan moesten ze nog hard werken met dat ding in hun…en naar de markt..
Hallo hoe is het…?
Erhm..kreun eh?
Two kinds of caesarian section. | Morbidly Beautiful Pictures Reveal The Horror Of Surgery In The Victorian Era:

Best nog veel kennis in die tijden!

Lysergic acid diethylamide:

Die zagen we nog niet voorbij komen…jeetje!?????????
Oh wacht

Victorian syringe case for cocaine by Science Museum London. An interesting article on the Addictive History of Medicine is here, mentioning Holmes, of course.:

Vroeger was het dus medisch en nu is het een verslaafde?
Ach so…
Adrenaline, caffeine, and camphor injection ampoules with needle. {What else could you possible need?}:

Physicians Medicine Kit from 1880:

Je medicijnen kabinet…
The number one reason to be thankful your dentist is up to date on techniques and instrumentation!:

Bij de tandarts, ga maar even zitten..eh liever niet!

Antique Birthing Chair  The exact date of this particular “parturition chair” isn’t noted by London’s Science Museum, but they say these types of seats were used from antiquity until the 1800s…:


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