25 juni 2021


Yas – Sefareshi

Gaaf nummer… Iraans naar het schijnt. Zeer modern…

Kwam het tegen bij toeval en vind ‘m mooi!

Hours seconds
Abandon your rhymes
Hope for the rest
To your ear a lean stall
On the periphery,
Your message is lost
Ready for a deep path
An inherent talent of the bomb
But what can I say to be a mind-boggling queen
Say everything is okay? Chalet
Your scar will not heal
The color goes dark, the deep silence of the epidemic
Let me pour the salt, but it won’t dawn later
Not ,
I closed my eyes at the height of my thinking
I sit in the corner of my mind waiting for a miracle
Head to the hot figure, a rounded back zero
I’m not going to die until she’s got a sleeping bag
But I won’t let it go by again, I’ll check to sleep
Oddly enough, the worse I get, the better
The one that wakes up at sunrise
I fall asleep because I fall asleep
From the door to the wall of the story
Alien acquaintances have been reading for you
Look at that corner, the button is a blood stain
Go push it, challenge the city with open words
You look at a dry, anhydrous but growing wood
As I look around and swarm, I take the microphone into the fist
I see the sky on my roof
I’ll sit in your backyard
I’m just sitting in the office
I’ll cut your vocabulary
Soft war, right?
Rap fact, jaw dropping
I think so
My larynx, behind my window
Casa Soft Gear,
Charcoal and mold
Strange and familiar
I stood on the creek of faith
Cusba soft tooth
, Charcoal and mold
Strange and familiar
I stood on the creek of faith
Poisoned pellet blood place
You kill the bread through the stone
It’s funny what a tiger to lose, I knew Balden
The irony of an enemy of irony
I’ll give myself a vacancy all day
The story continues until you become sunny on the edge of a canvas
Every day more numb, full of ideas, but no more
Can you place all the seawater in the pool?
Nervously overwhelmed by heat, I’m not saying I have no motivation
When the art landed
I have to pebble
Passing through herds of infected ears and infections
An untitled market
Has become a legacy for Iranian art
In the hatred of hate with extreme concentration
Or paste until the sound is valid
A sound that goes from zero to one hundred steps a year
And so the art music is paralyzed from under the stump
That is to say, ninety-nine percent are politicians
The other one percent deserves it
The loose-bodied brain was made up of two from the base of the pattern
A wire to Mick, a wire to Goldon’s base
It was just a chip hit the bridge
He grabbed the podium and gave Golan a hand
Overnight dragged up the dollar
The lips and mouth just chanted
In practice only the digit and the card number
They have to get a goal in the market for a rookie
But your drink,
Be safe
The manager was drinking milk for a year
Bite my tongue without gold
This is the method of doing business
That sold you and closed the bar
It’s a scary story
You write and put your foot down
Osteoporosis Lover
Poisoned Owl Canvas Poets
Coke instrument with Kasba interference
So here’s the money
Just candy ears in the booths
We are in search of the soul of words
But the seal on the letters
That says there is no room for us
We were shouting, and it was Dean Carey
The venom of the word became thicker
We are the outcast kid at home whose path was the cleanest of all
I don’t want to make my heart happy
I didn’t come to give guidance
It is my job and my weapon to guide the brain to the art of brainlessness
Maito Structured with Trowel
But Paitho Bakhti with the work of a king
When you see half a bag
Your whole detail is just amortization
The wealth of fame lust, man
Which one invited you?
I’m a fan of all three of you
But you are worth the music
Your voices are ears these days
The market wants to sell out
Give the album a weird name
To sell in the same way
You were a snare
You saw a savior with a lute
Seventy-thirty in his favor
That is, the nightingale sounds like a parrot’s brain
Director in the intermediary role
There is a wall between you and the truth
Don’t go by yourself, come by yourself
Wake up to winter
You see it in a stylish fence
Your art, pocket account
How can you be a star
Custom effect generation
That’s an interesting story
That’s right
Everyone, no matter what his point of view
The red carpet of the world is falling apart
Casa Soft Gear
, Charcoal and mold
Strange and familiar
I stood on the creek of faith
Cusba soft tooth,
Charcoal and mold
Strange and familiar
I stood on the creek of faith

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