21 januari 2021


RARE Video Footage of “Alien Space Craft” WATCHING ISS Astronaut! WHO are they? Anunnaki?

Heel bijzonder om te zien…

Ik vond dit op de website van Niburu, dus lees de rest via hun site.


Het deed mij sterk denken aan de vliegmachines van de Anunnaki.

Ancient sumerian artifact of winged flying machine showing a figure inside--this seems to illustrate the concept of a human; or an alien in flight, during ancient times. Notice the hands pointing to this winged object.- Google Search

gifs website


Forbidden Knowledge of the Anunnaki; Visitors Who Came to Earth in Their Flying Machines, 450,000 Years Ago | BENDED REALITY.COM

Ancient Aliens in Art? No! Scenes like the one depicted are common in Christian art. What it is meant to show is the "Holy Spirit" in the form of a dove "Inspiring" or "Gifting" someone with knowledge, the ability to work miricles or even Sainthood. Sometimes, a circle of angels is painted instead of a dove.

ANCIENT EGYPTIAN Antiquities SCARAB Beetle Wings EGYPT Carved Stone Statue BC


Hier eenzelfde ufo als in de andere video

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