16 juni 2021


Dubbelgangers iedereen schijnt er 1 te hebben

Twinstrangers.com is a website where you can register to find your lookalike from anywhere in the world by uploading photos, selecting your facial features, and looking through matches.    Source:

WHOA! - THIS, Is Awesome! ...Must have been a Very Enjoyable Flight!  ~WTF fun facts:

Today’s movie stars and their classic film lookalikes. I think Catherine zeta jones and Penelope Cruz should be switched:

56 Hilarious Look-A-Likes ~ LikePage:



No wonder I had a thing for Radcliffe... although Elijah is cuter :P :

Who is Celebrity Look alike?:

Kändisar som är lika som bär:

These 13 People Are Not Twins. What’s Even More Unbelievable…They’ve Never Even Met Til Now.:

look alike...dont agree with vannessa and Mila Kunis:

Unbelievable Celebrity Doppelgangers From History - Gallery:

celebs that look alike:

MINDBLOWING photo series: these people look like twins but aren't actually related.:

T V actor Stephan Colbert and Bob Saget:


45 People from History Who Look Exactly Like Today's Celebrities:


Celebrities that look alike:




That awkward moment when a painting has a doppelgänger.:

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