28 januari 2022


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They push your buttons to get you into an argument to make you look crazy. The shrinks call this 'levelling'. He wants you down at his level.:

He tried but ultimately me leaving him crushed his heart and soul. I was tired of being his punching bag. He's lucky I didn't go to the police, period. Especially when he wouldnt leave me alone years after we were through...history repeats I suppose. Ugh.:

How to Attract a Narcissist Back Into Your Life:

Many want to avoid an angry woman but indifference is soooo much worse.:

This is one of the main reasons why a person is targeted by narcissist gangstalkers. They're so negative that try to destroy any good in this world. They're also very deceptive while trying to destroy naturally good People who are pure and innocent in their nature:

So tired of the games. Its impossible to just be honest. You CAN NOT be a real man, husband or father. I gave you the chance. You lose. Narcissistic Abuse Recovery.:

Not even I'm sorry or recognizing that I'm upset. You always choose to ignore my feelings.:

LADIES THIS IS A GOOD MAN: THIS IS WHAT YOU NEED, WANT, AND DESERVE EVERY DAY OF YOUR LIFE. A help for narcissistic sociopath relationship survivors.:

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