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O Rh negative – Pure blue blood of the gods. Very rare.
O Rh positive – Mixed god-human. Likely the first humans created by the gods. Most common of today’s humans.
A Rh negative – Mixed god-human. First type (1). Very rare.
A Rh positive – First humans. Very common. Not mixed.
B Rh negative – Mixed god-human. Second type (2). Very rare.
B Rh positive – Second humans. Second type (2). Very common. Not mixed.
AB Rh negative – Mixed god-human. Types 1 and 2. Rarest of all the bloodlines.
AB Rh positive – Mixed human type 1-human type 2. Very rare.



Humans with blood type Rh Negative belong to an Extraterrestrial lineage according to new theory





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