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11:11 Dubbele getallen
GeschiedenisRH Negatief - Anunnaki - Elohim - Geloof

Bloedgroep RH Negatief




”I know that all the royalty in Europe are O- and all of our presidents are AB-”

-”They violated humanity by altering their DNA- The first group were the Lemerians, who really were aware and left Atlantis and founded another country……….THen the Annunaki created another “dumbed down” version of humanity—— The lemurians rescued their dumb cousins..”

“They’re designing humans. Putting the chakra system within them and their third eye capability through serpent wisdom”

“But in order to see the whole..truth… all manuscripts, religions even the black book and kaballah…have to be placed in the right order…”


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