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Gestern hat Gabriel die SPD doch noch hinter seine perfiden Ceta-TTIP-Pläne gebracht. Wie? Die gestrige ARD-Tagesschau-Meldung dazu erklärt es: Sie wiegelte die Schiedsgerichte ab, als wäre da jetzt alles zufriedenstellend geändert worden. Schlimmer noch -die ARD verschwieg dreist, dass US-Konzerne über kanadische Töchter jetzt über Ceta EU-Länder verklagen können. Es folgt das Übliche: Netzproteste, Rundfunkrat-Petitonen, weiterlesen...:

A no entry sign against the TTIP free trade agreement in Frankfurt, Germany.:

TPP | A Multinational Trade Agreement That Benefits Corporate Agribusiness:

Greenpeace Netherlands Releases TTIP Documents:


TTIP: EU and US show signs of desperation, Greenpeace Press release - April 24, 2016:

It's Hillary approved...there is money to be made in destroying the environment !



TTIP & CETA Time to chicken out!:

Hundreds of leaked pages from the controversial Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) show that the deal could be about to collapse, according to campaigners.

 The huge leak – which gives the first full insight into the negotiations – shows that the relationship between Europe and the US are stronger than had been thought and that major divisions remain on some of the agreement’s most central provisions.:

TTIP - Bad for everyone:



Ingesloten afbeelding

Het draait om geld, niet om uw gezondheid!


Hillary has called this the "Gold Standard" of trade agreements!:

If you haven't had enough proof by now that the EU is a dictatorship, you either don't care or you probably shouldn't be allowed on Pinterest unsupervised. EU plans to bypass national governments on CETA & TTIP. But hey, those intellectual heavyweights Becks & Posh say we should stay in. Yeah, I can see how they would really depend on NHS, state schools, affordable housing.:

Monsanto, Chevron & Halliburton, all want the TPP. Any questions?:


The Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) | Only 6 chapters are about trade. 24 chapters give special rights to corporations | Laws that reign in banks to prevent another financial crisis become illegal for governments to enact. | Economists tell us it will kill 450,000 US jobs, 58,000 Canadian jobs and 75,000 in Japan. | Protecting the environment or human health won't be allowed if they in any way threaten profits. | It spells the end of our free and open internet. ...:

Bernie Sanders (@BernieSanders) | Twitter:

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