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Gewoon wat anders…

coffee and cigarettes : Photo

Vergeetmijnietje met Lieveheersbeestje

Always a new day. - #always #day

06.17.03 Alpine Forget-Me-Nots | Alpine Forget-Me-Nots (Myos… | Flickr

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Mooie dingen ipv al maanden die ellende…!
Verspreid meer mooie dingen ipv al die ellende…

Blue Hydrangea Day  Blue Hydrangea Day  The post Blue Hydrangea Day appeared first on Easy flowers.

Mooi !!

Elke dag in dag uit…
Het is niet te doen…
Zoveel negativiteit die ons overspoelt elke dag opnieuw.

Wat triest eigenlijk.

Laten we mooie dingen gaan omarmen.

Sparkling dew waterdrops on spiderwebs #flowers #nature #garden #macro #texture #photography #natural #aesthetic

#dersinndeslebens #sinndeslebens #naturbilder #naturbilder #kornblume #natur #blume #schne⚡️Naturbilder: schöne

De rust hervinden in onze zielen
Tell me how many beads there are in a silver chain of evening rain, unraveled from the tumbling main. And threading the eye of a yellow star; so many times do I love again.   -T. L. Beddoes

Decompression Chamber

Inverted Sunshine

Terug naar onze ziel

Onze rust hervinden
Het mooie weer gaan waarnemen

garden background #garden Draw a poppy flower.

Herfst! #intratuin

Breathtaking blue interior design inspiration and ideas that will fuel your inner designer for days | www.essentialhome.eu/blog

puur kleur

Daarom hebben wij de natuur zo nodig en de kunst idem

Mooie kunst dan.

sfeer- flower carpet

..."If winter comes, can spring be far behind?" - Percy Bysshe Shelley

My husband, Elmer always plays this game with the children.  He takes his magic wand and waves it over them looking for something.  Starting at the feet and winding up at the head, he says open you mouth and when they do, guess what? Every child in our family has fallen prey to his joking.  Spitting and rubbing their tongue and then laughing their butts off. Now they are adults and still laugh about his antics

Ray of light, Canberra, Australia  photo via besttravelphotos


Winter bird! Robin

pinsandneedlesandnails:    Weed jewelry    by Katarina Christenson  kasia-aus

FRESHNESS...daily I try to find ways to bring some freshness into my life. I believe freshness is one of the best things we can give to ourselves in our lives, to feel as good as possible.

Mystical winter

“beneath the dusting of soft snow there is a summer waiting to be born, a season of sun-kissed shoulders and rodeo queens, of campfires, and rivers, and barn swallows dancing at twilight...” ― Kate Mullane Robertson


Amber phantom butterfly

Geniet van je leven, het duurt maar even

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