Paternalistische behandeling van vluchtelingen

Paternalistische behandeling van vluchtelingen

Teken de petitie tegen de paternalistische behandeling van vluchtelingen in Nijmegen

We are the residents of the Refugee Camp in Nijmegen Heumensoord preparing this petition to make our voices heard due to the impudent behaviour that we are faced with today. On the 30th of October 2015, our friends from the camp Ahamad and Muhammad have lost their mother who has been living in Daraa, Syria. In order to give our condolences we have requested to move some chairs to the rooms of where our friends were staying in order to hold a short commemoration.

However we were answered with a strict and impudent manner and were told that the chairs were not allowed in rooms for safety reasons. The manager proposed that the breaking out of fire could occur because of chairs. Chairs? The second event occurred in the evening while some group of refugees were playing sport. The manager stopped and catched the ball and told the refugee group to clean the living and the dining area. She continued that “if the rooms were not cleaned the ball will not be delivered”.

(Oh god zo een type die denkt dat ze op de basisschool lesgeeft! ULK)

When the residents opposed she said: “you have to clean it or I will close the place you will eat” and “If you don’t obey I can close the doors and make you sleep in the street”. These two events are the reflection of the systematic discrimination that the migrants face in their Daily life, even in the camps. (Dit is geen discriminatie dit is de mentaliteit in ons land!!!) We would like to inform rights Groups, Political Parties and people in solidarity that we are disappointed of the conduct of the camps and request a commensurate and decent managment. We have escaped our countries, made a dangerous trip to Europe in the quest for a better life, a decent life. We are against the thought that because we are homeless and hopeless we can be treated in this manner. We want everyone in solidarity to sign this petition and support the struggle of dignity and equality.

The residents of Refugee Camp in Nijmegen Heumensoord Holland in een petitie (ipetitions)

3 Reacties

2 dagen geleden
Schop dat wijf eruit! Asociaal en onfatsoenlijk, totaal niet geschikt.

1 dag geleden
volledig akkoord tegen de paternalistische houding tegenover vluchtelingen en iedereen!

1 dag geleden
Wat is er mis om je vrienden een stoel aan te bieden en zeker in zo’n situatie (dood van een ouder/familie)!
Ze worden behandeld als kleine kinderen, als ze niet luisteren staan ze op straat of krijgen geen eten.
Dat wijf wordt er helaas niet uitgeschopt, die werd waarschijnlijk juist aangenomen om die regels streng te handhaven!

Dit idiote gedrag zie je tegenwoordig overal…?
Wie denken ze wie ze zijn, die mensen die een beetje met macht spelen?
Schop onder je hol kun je krijgen!

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