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11:11 Dubbele getallen
Chemtrails / Geo-engineering / HAARP / CERNConspiracyMaatschappij & PsychePolitiek-Elite

Vreemde gebeurtenissen en geluiden 2016


Een website met veel fotomateriaal en informatie


Men kan hiermee aardbevingen oproepen zelfs…

Een dubbele regenboog die ik ook zag vorig jaar….
Maar deze is totaal!

Full circle rainbow appears over Greenville, South Carolina

Bij 0.35 zie je ufo’s links
3 stuks ongeveer…

Deze heb ik ook enkele malen gezien

Een site met veel foto’s echt bizar!


Light pillars create street map of Kauttua in the sky of Eura, Finland

And suddenly glowing interdimensional portals opened up the sky of Troitskaya, Russia

Animal mass die-offs, animal news and animal strange behaviors

enkele opmerkingen…

Guys this is most likely the programs on weather manipulation like haarp etc. Or, it’s their satellites trying to do brain wave changes and cause certain behaviors. There has been extensive research about waves etc on living lifeforms. Definitely end time stuff. Regardless of the source. I’ve personally heard noises from the ground. And I know others have as well, as well as the air. It’s definitely some absolutely crazy stuff, stuff I’m sure we never thought we’d see in our lifetime.

Yep, it started in 2011, (CERN) I first heard about it in 2012 I think, and then there seemed to be a tremendous increase of incidents in 2014 and 2015. I listened to a lot of the recordings on YouTube. Some of them just sound like regular city noises. But some are absolutely unreal. One of them sounded like the cacophony of an Orchestra warming up their instruments before a concert but on a much larger scale, and definitely heard the sounds of shofars in many of the recordings.

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No one can say for sure what the source of the trumpets is. One thing for sure is, the government (NASA) claims it is generated by earth but i believe it is caused by HAARP or can we link it to the 7 trumpets

2 electro magnets when brought close ,, humm resonate sing in metallic sounds and,, shoot sparks at each other,, this is magnetosphere interacting with another close space body ,, like planets that don’t belong here,, my first clue as a trained naval navigator was the moon was upside down ,, well i watched it and its rotating 180 degrees nightly,, face and shadow in unison,, meaning one thing,, spinning a ball/moon beside a lamp/sun isn’t going to move its shadow from wax to wane in one night like it is until you pretend our planet has turned onto its side and rotation being same direction merely changed orientation now instead of spinning same direction as the moon orbits,, we now rotate from top to bottom of the planet

its magnetosphere interaction

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