30 april 2021


Muziek 936Hz and 852Hz werkt helend


Well, by now you must have seen the poisonous aerosol spraying across the planet! :( What do we do about the toxins falling on us?

How do we rejuvenate from the the fallout of metal and attack on our glandular systems, immune function and DNA?

Tune ourselves with healing frequencies.

936Hz and 852Hz both focus on the third eye (pineal pituitary complex) and can yield satisfying relief from electrosmog and chemtrail fallout.

Steady listening decalcifies the pineal gland.

Be sure to put on headphones while listening to these harmonizing frequencies of 936hz and 852hz.

Hmmz idem erg rustgevend in deze drukke tv-wereld tegenwoordig waar men blijkbaar al praat met een intense HertZ…brr


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