23 september 2020


Maybe i am an Angel?

Pleurant │ Pleurez means 'to weep' in French. A pleurant symbolizes solitude, spirituality, introspection, and sorrow.

Today i cried
On the street
I was a shamed
I couldn’t stop crying
maybe people see me
I didn’t want to
But it happens to me
I couldn’t stop it
I’m to sensitive
To understand
Why people hurts
Talk bad
Be evil
With no reason
I think sometimes
Maybe i am an Angel
People can’t understand
And i see them hurting
See them smiling
about the bad things
other people become
For me it is impossible
to think
live like that
I cried
and miss
the other angels
on earth
at that moment
so much
at that moment

Even Angels cry...


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