Hooisnoortsen weer


Hmm heerlijk toch…lekker sloom enzo!
Bv nergens zin in… keeltje auw, snot in keeltje, snot uit neus, pijn in neus gevoel, neusamandelen die pijnlijk zijn, droge strot, kriebel op je tong en gehemelte, snotniesbuien, traanogen, bleergh…
Nou goed vele reacties onder het bericht in de krant online…
Mona and I both have a cold. I know exactly how she feels.:

Hi Taylor ... I dropped in to take a peek at your boards ... I hope you take a peek at mine sometimes. As you can see I've been busy.  xxoo Love you, Grandma Connie:

Hay Fever - couple kissing on a pile of hay (ie grass cuttings) (colour photo):

Rhinitis is a condition that gives people a chronic runny or stuffy nose throughout the year. It is also called non-allergic rhinitis, because the drip and stuffiness are not caused by hay fever or other allergic causes. Another name for it is vasomotor rhinitis, which refers to the extreme response of the nasal lining to irritations. #rhinitis #medicalook:

Un druipur in den keel!
hay fever.jpg:

Eigenlijk gaat het allemaal om seks van de natuur!
Top 10 natural hay fever remedies - goodtoknow:

Lief toch al die zaadjus!
Looking after a garden in the right way can save hay fever and asthma sufferers from months of misery, Ambra Edwards says:

Overal om je heen…
Natural Cures for Hay Fever (Allergic Rhinitis) https://www.corespirit.com/natural-cures-for-hay-fever-allergic-rhinitis:

Gun de natuur ook nageslacht…



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