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complimentary Health Information
Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS), Lou Gehrig’s Disease
Edgar Cayce Reading Edited by David Atkinson
Wet Cell Helps ALS Patients
Winning Over Lou Gehrig’s Disease
Coenzyme Q10 Saves Nerve Cells in Mice with ALS
Supplementary Therapeutic Measures
Important Discovery
Defying Alzheimer’s
A Family Affair
Arresting Arthritis
Peanut Oil and Arthritis
Cayce Readings Help with Blindness
Healing Cancer the Cayce Way
Edgar Cayce Reading on Biotin and Cancer
Case Reports
Anecdotal Case Reports on a Variety of Problems
Colds & Flu
Flu Immunization: Suggestions for The Cayce Readings
Cayce’s Holistic Approach
Cod-Liver Oil: Building Body and Blood
Controlling Diabetes the Cayce Way
Fish Oil May Ward Off Diabetes
Diverticular Disease
Diverticular Disease: Prevention and Management is Possible
Epilepsy and Seizures
Epilepsy, 9 Who Were Healed
Healing Epilepsy: Jody’s Journey
Hay Fever
Ragweed Tincture: Remedy for Hay Fever
Lyme Disease
Experience with Lyme Disease and The Radiac
Hemorrhoid Remedy comes from Unexpected Source
Cayce Hemorrhoid Remedy
Multiple Sclerosis
Edgar Cayce Reading on Multiple Sclerosis
The Wet Cell: Overcoming MS
Muscular Dystrophy
Remedies Found to Fight Muscular Dystrophy
The Cayce Appliances: Handle With Care
Parkinson’s Disease
Parkinson’s: Cayce’s Four-Point Plan
Parkinson’s Disease and the Mercury Connection
Healing Psoriasis
My Victory over Psoriasis and Psoriatic Arthritis
Sciatica: Common Problem, Uncommon Solutions
Shingles: “Not Good For Anyone”
Stress & The Endocrine System
The Endocrine System

Products & Remedies
Apple Cider Vinegar
An Old-Fashioned Remedy
Atomic Iodine
A Product with Many Purposes
Atomidine in Medicine
Cayce’s Two Iodines
Castor Cream
Cayce’s Wart Remedy – It Works!
Castor Oil
Medicinal Marvel
Charred Oak Keg
Antiseptic for Throat and Lungs
Cola Syrup
Cane Sugar Cola Syrup
De-Tense Herbal Tonic
Restore Balance to the Entire Body
Dry Skin Solutions
Stop the Itching Now!
Extra Virgin Olive Oil
The Benefits of Liquid Gold
Olive Oil & Cholesterol
Herbal Breathing
Breathing Better and Easier
Ioxan:Cayce Herbal Gum Formula
Cayce Remedy for Gum Disease
Kidney and Bladder Health
Turpentine Stupes: For Kidney and Bladder Health
Lithia Water
Lithia Water: Kidney and Digestive Health
Mullein Leaf
Mullein: Remedy for Varicose Veins
New Seasons™ Herbal Tonic 545
New Seasons™ Herbal Tonic 545: Spring Tonic, Energy Tonic
A New Herbal Tonic for All Seasons
Peanut Oil Massage
Peanut Oil and Arthritis
Pennsylvania Crude Oil Hair Treatment
Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow, Restored with Cayce Treatment
Beautiful Hair, Skin & Nails
The Radio Active* Appliance
Radio Active Appliance, Good For Everybody
Ragweed Tincture
Ragweed Tincture: Remedy for Hay Fever
design aspect
Cayce Cough Syrup
ReVitamune: Revitalizing Immune Support
Sweet Feet
Foot Relief: Standing on Grateful Ground
Tincture of Myrrh
A Royal Gift
Violet Ray Appliance
A Handy Healing Device
Violet Ray and The Cayce Readings
Wet Cell and Radiac Appliances
The Cayce Appliances: Handle With Care

News & Current Events
Earthquake Updates
In The News
Plant Compounds Curb Cancer Growth

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