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Hafez orakel

Ghazal 335

Once again, if I find my way to the tavern of the Magi
The goodness of robe and rug I’ll gladly myself deny.
Like the pious, if today I put this wine behind
The keeper of the tavern will keep my cup far and dry.
And if moth-like, I spread my wings with ease
Into the heart of the flame, I’ll gladly fly.
Tell me not of Paradise, as long as I have your thought
With you in my heart, with nothing else identify.
The secret of my love is well kept within my heart
Is only given away with heart’s cry and tearful eye.
Like a bird I took flight from my cage of dust and clay
In the hope of becoming prey to eagles flying high.
Embrace me like a harp in your bosom, pluck my strings
Else a reed upon your lips, put music to your sigh.
I will not tell another the tale of my broken heart;
My love and longing for you, my broken heart will dignify.
No matter how much beauty in Hafiz multiply
For your beauty, everything I will decry, and will die.

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