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URGENT: Pentagon created a new armed group of “moderate” opposition

URGENT: Pentagon created a new armed group of “moderate” opposition
According to the official representative of the group of US troops in Iraq and Syria, Air Force Col. John Dorrian, new armed group “moderate opposition” was created in Syria for participation in the operation to liberate Rakka from militants.

“A new fighting force known as the Syrian Elite Forces (SEF) which is 90 percent Syrian Arabs has been organized in northern Syria,” Dorrian stated.
He said that SEF has teamed up with the Syrian Defense Forces (SDF), where Kurdish militias constitute thebackbone, in their efforts to combat ISIS in Raqqa.
“It’s accurate to say they have joined the SDF effort to isolate Raqqa”, Dorrian added.
He noted that the SEF is headed by “an influential representative of the opposition” Ahmad al-Jarvie, who are able to mobilize local forces in support of the offensive in the city, held by extremist.
This new group was formed from the fighters who have been resistin ISIS since the capture of the city by militants on March 2013. The SEF includes about 45 thousand soldiers.

On 6th of November groups of SDF with the support of the US Air Force began an operation to liberate from the ISIS the main stronghold of extremists in Syria – Raqqa. The operation was called “Wrath of the Euphrates”. The city is situated on the on the river Euphrates, 160 km south-east of Aleppo, and was proclaimed by the leader of ISIS Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi “the capital of the Caliphate”.

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