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Mensen en kwetsingen

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Ja, sommige zou ik dat best bij willen en bij anderen, zou ik nooit dat in mijn leven hebben,wat ik nu heb. Dus sommige dan weer niet :)

Can’t pin this one enough

To Hate Yourself is a terrible way to be. Because if you cannot love yourself how can you love someone else?

Image result for when someone doesn't hear you why speak

O this is sooo me.... Talk behind my back an when I stand up for myself I am the one that is being called out on it..

Sorta explains why I stopped having certain people in my life!

I really really wish everyone would think before they speak. Important to always be honest, and we always have the right to stand up for ourselves when we are mistreated, but no one ever has the right to hurt someone else with their words. Be assertive. Not aggressive or hurtful.

Not sure why you continue to get pleasure from being a liar again and again. I’ve returned lies with a smile and kindness.

Why do we as people hurt each other? We know how bad it hurts, so why do it?

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