Super vision veel kleuren zien

Tjah ook dat nog! 🙂

Score: 2
Gender Female
Select Age Range 40 – 49
Best Score for your Gender 0
Worst Score for your Gender 104
About your score: A lower score is better, with ZERO being a perfect score. The circle graph displays the regions of the color spectrum where your hue discrimination is low.

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Hmmmm dat is not bad!

Here’s The Vision Test Experts Claim If You Pass You’re Considered To Have Supervision…

That was INCREDIBLE! Not only did you pass, The fact that you were able to see all the colors across the spectrum proves that you have 20/20 contrast vision. This means that you can see better than the average person, and live in a more colorful world!



How many colors do you see? This simple test may (or may not) reveal something fascinating about your eye


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