29 januari 2022


No ordinairy love…

I loved you
It wasn’t an ordinairy love
You took my love
Just like that
It didn’t mean a thing to you
You never noticed
What it did to me
When i gave everything from me
To you
It makes me cry
Because of you
Of your ordinairy love

What you get was the best
In live someone could give you
But you didn’t noticed
You came and go
Just when you wanted
I told you

How much i loved you

But you left me
just like that
It wasn’t an ordinairy love
You must have noticed our band
You must feel something
That scares the hell out of you
You ran away from pureness
You couldn’t handle it
You couldn’t handle my love for you
So you ran and ran
All those years you ran
But i know


You remember this all
As an not ordinairy love
i just know it…




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