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Dascha Graafsma onderzoek gaat verder



Eén van de ergste dingen die een ouder kan overkomen.
Je hebt natuurlijke oorzaken, daar kun je meestal niets aan doen, je hebt onnatuurlijke oorzaken, zoals zelfdoding waarbij mensen met een gruwelijk schuldgevoel moeten overleven, de resterende jaren van hun leven zelfs. Dat gaat nooit meer over.
Maar je hebt ook mensen die jouw kind iets aandoen!

Dát is heel erg… waarom zou iemand jouw kind kwaad willen doen?
En deze vader, ik bewonder zijn energie en wil enorm, doet wat hij kan, omdat hij weet en aanvoelt dat er iets niet klopt aan het hele verhaal.
Ik hoop dat als er mensen zijn die meer weten en het niet durven te vertellen, het toch gaan doen.
Anoniem is prima.
Maar doe het.
Want wat als er wel karma bestaat, en je in een volgend leven zoiets moet meemaken?
Of één van je kinderen?
Je zult het kwaad dat je aangericht hebt, toch ooit moeten ervaren, zodat je ook leert hoe dat was voor de ander.
Die pijn zul je dan ook ervaren.

Het leven is niet easy, het is niet zomaar iets.
Het is heilig en men moet dat respecteren, ook voor anderen.
Ik hoop dat er duidelijkheid gaat komen voor deze ouders en familie.

En mocht het zo zijn dat het meisje inderdaad zelf… dan moet er een oorzaak voor zijn geweest.

Ik ben zo brutaal om daar wat kaarten voor te vragen.
Er zijn wat dingen bij waarvan ik denk dat er wel meer speelde.

Dervish laid a trap with slight of hands and trick of the eyes
With the help of this trickster merry-go-round mystifies.
Tricks of his fate will keep the rabbit in his hat
How can you trick those whom to secrets are wise?
Come hither wine-bearer, the Sufi’s beautiful lover
Came with full grace, and evaded their many, many tries.
O minstrel, with what tune was inspired to head for Iraq
Longingly sang to return to the Arabian Hejaz?
Come O heart, let’s commend ourselves unto the Lord
Keep from rolled up sleeve that outstretched arm belies.
Undeceived, whoever lost himself in compassion
In the Spirit of Love, his soul upward flies.
In the court of the Truth, at the time of our demise
Shame on he, who permissible never defies.
Where to now, O proud partridge, halt and pause
Your delusions, prayers of the pious cat, never ever identifies.
Hafiz, mad Dervishes upon the path, don’t criticize
Freedom from false piety for eternity is our prize.

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Whoever, to your face, such cheerful colors gave
Patience and serenity for poor me can also save
Whoever trained your hair so arrogantly to behave
His grace, such injustice for poor me can also waive.
I gave up my desires on the first day when
Beloved took my heart’s rein and made me her slave.
If there’s no golden treasure, at least satisfied I remain
He who gave that to the king, made this the lot of the knave.
This world, just like a bride, in appearance is glorified
He who gave his life to this, has only dug his own grave.
From now on, I spend my time in nature with rivers & trees
While the breeze, of time of spring, would rant and rave.
Hafiz’s heart was brave, rode hardships wave after wave
Though separations deprave, the King as our healer gave.

The bright moon reflects your radiant face
Your snowcapped cheekbones supply water of grace
My heavy heart desires an audience with your face
Come forward or must return, your command I will embrace.
Nobody for good measures girded your fields
Such trades no one in their right mind would chase.
Our dormant fate will never awake, unless
You wash its face and shout brace, brace!
Send a bouquet of your face with morning breeze
Perhaps inhaling your scent, your fields we envision & trace.
May you live fulfilled and long, O wine-bearer of this feast
Though our cup was never filled from your jug or your vase.
My heart is reckless, please, let Beloved know
Beware my friend, my soul your soul replace.
O God, when will my fate and desires hand in hand
Bring me to my Beloved hair, in one place?
Step above the ground, when you decide to pass us by
On this path lie bloody, the martyrs of human race.
Hafiz says a prayer, listen, and say amen
May your sweet wine daily pour upon my lips and my face.
O breeze tell us about the inhabitants of city of Yazd
May the heads of unworthy roll as a ball in your polo race.
Though we are far from friends, kinship is near
We praise your goodness and majestic mace.
O Majesty, may we be touched by your grace
I kiss and touch the ground that is your base.

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Keep to your own affairs, why do you fault me?
My heart has fallen in love, what has befallen thee?
In the center of he, whom God made from nothing
There is a subtle point that no creature can see.
Until His lips fulfill my lips like a reed
From all the worldly advice I must flee.
The beggar of your home, of the eight heavens has no need
The prisoner of your love, from both worlds is thus free.
Though my drunkenness has brought forth my ruin
My essence is flourished by paying that ruinous fee.
O heart for the pain and injustice of love do not plead
For this is your lot from the justice of eternity.
Hafiz don’t help magic and fantasy further breed
The world is filled with such, from sea to sea.



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