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My how times have changed

Flu Season and other Illnesses  Today many of the diseases that afflicted countless people decades ago have been eliminated. You rarely hear of malaria, typhoid, smallpox, tuberculous (TB), typhus or cholera, especially in the United States.   #history #flu #family #ancestors #genealogy #familyhistory


Cheezburger Image 9225691392

Blow up bras!


Dr. Swift's massage treatments From the time of Hippocrates, the term “hysteria,” or literally “womb disease,” has been considered a female disorder, and the symptoms were many, including anxiety, insomnia, swooning (or perhaps petit mal seizures), and almost any abdominal discomfort. Some physicians treated this "disease" of female patients their office.


A helpful bedtime reminder from your friends at Mitch O'Connell Enterprises:   "A good boy always sleeps with his hands above the covers".

1938 Print Ad Nobility Pre Shrunk Union Suits for Men Wool and Part Wool www.advintageplus.com

Vintage Advertisement from a time when corsets were a way to keep your child healthy?


My Place or Yours?- Trojan ad

Health Poster Danger don't spread disease E V Paul canvas painting print size 20x30 inch (50x75 cm)

hmmm .... what about the other eight fingers!

stuffmomnevertoldyou:    Ye olde uterine supporter.    During Victorian times, vaginal and uterine prolapse (coming out of the body) was fairly common because of corsetry.  No worries!  This handy device could help keep it all tucked away!

This is a depiction of one of the first sanitary products. As Brumberg reported, "...feminine napkins were once much bulkier and that before the invention of panty hose and press-on paper tape, they were usually pinned to either suspension belts..."

Sanitary napkin belts and pads from the 1902 and 1908 Sears, Roebuck catalogs at MUM

I bet the girls used it while hubby was out bowling with the fellas!

Reclame die we 50 jaar later schandalig vinden (maar o, wat zijn ze leuk) - SAAR Magazine


Train Your Husband | Minnesota Posters — Vintage Travel Prints, Tourist Maps and Tourism Art

Call me a cab, quick!


Vintage cosmetics ad

Face Excersier – Strange Weird Vintage Products & Ads


Hahaha my how times have changed

Reclame die we 50 jaar later schandalig vinden (maar o, wat zijn ze leuk) - SAAR Magazine

One vintage ad warns women, "Don't let them call you SKINNY!" while another promises that smoking cigarettes will keep one slender. If the task of morphing their bodies into the current desirable shape isn't enough of a burden, women are also reminded that they stink.

Vigor's Horse-Action Saddle, from 1897. | 25 Health Products You'll Be Glad You Don't See Today

Opiates for baby. .

Vitasafe Corporation’s Vitasafe C. F. Capsules – Do you ever wish you were single again? (1958)

Fear of the slovenly vagina strikes again.

If Fat-Ten-U works too well...  An advertisement for an anti-fat remedy, patented by the Botanic Medicine Company, Buffalo, New York, in 1878

1e affiche ?  Advertising Times: Deux siècles de Tabac en 150 affiches

Dove is niet de eerste die zwarte mensen wit wast met zeep - NRC


50 ft. Woman

1950 - Fita Adesiva Scoth

Echt komisch en wat een drama ergens

We hebben nu weer andere dingen om ons druk over te maken





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