27 november 2020


Run away train

Run away
Run as fast as you can
Now you smile
With that woman
You seem to love
Run away train!
Never going back
Run away with what you did
You can never hide from it
In your mind
Run away again
Hide your head
in your shield
Run away
Slow back
You will never find
The right way in life
Cause you always ran away
and never coming back
without any reason
your mind set it up
All by yourself
Ran away train
never coming back
But in your soul
you are crying
You are lying to yourself
You never know what love is about
You lost all chances in life
you could have had
cause you are only lying to yourself
in life
Run away train
never coming back
Liar Liar
Run away
And stay were you don’t belong
That is enough
To keep on lying in your life
You never freed your mind from nothing…

That is why you were born on the wrong day


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