Chemtrails / Geo-engineering / HAARP / CERN


This will be Anthony’s last video with ETMN he wanted me to post that message..
CERN has accomplished Creating the Material to recreate the Big Bang! Anthony Explains How this process will occur and the time frame of the portal opening and closing. He explains The Tearing of the Veil step by step and how Cern Will DO this When they are Ready to Push the Button! They have accomplished everything they need to do this! This is exactly what the Ancients Did except this will be on a Grander Scale! CERN IS AN ALCHEMY MACHINE! In this video there are illustrations to explain this as wells the ancient hieroglyphs of the 18th dynasty.
We will also touch on the war in Syria tying into the timeframe of Cern Hitting the Button.. The gate of Damascus is on one side of the Temple Mount and Cern is Built over Apollos Temple.

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