25 september 2020



Maybe now he can mend what he has done to them. Ur lucky the state takes pitty on u cause I sure as fuck don't

Neither should a son.........I am so glad that my husband took on my kids like they are his own - which is more than I can say for their "bio" father. But it's absolutely his loss, not theirs!!!

It is what it is ... #cicib #thecrimsonkiss


De afwezigheid van haar vader zat Madison erg dwars. Ze zag hoe hij hen aan hun lot overliet door naar de gevangenis wegens een diefstal. Nadat Sophia weer terug in haar leven is, komt ook haar vader ineens weer terug. Sophia had contact met hem opgezocht want ze wil weer een 'gelukkige familie'. Madison was daar heel boos omdat ze dacht dat hij alleen voor het geld kwam. Hij doet erg zijn best om te zorgen dat ze hem vergeeft. Ze wil hem helemaal niet vergeven maar ze wil wel gewoon een vader in haar leven.

Almost started crying...

For All The Daughters Who Wish Their Dad Loved Them

Mothers Day 2014

If this isn't spot on....Thanks asshole for making all of my life a fucking hell. Thanks for making me think I will never be good enough for anyone, so no one will stick around.

Where did you..

I wish they made father's day cards for crappy dad's. "We may be ...

Let go…

the silence told me all I needed to know. but it wasn't that I wasn't enough, I was too much.

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My Daddy is the best. He was always there. Next will be my hubby in the future <3


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excepto vos






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