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Prelude Avaz

Toevallig bracht youtube mij dat nummer ten gehore.
Ik vind het geweldig…why?
Geen idee het is iets dat je ziel raakt…
Het roept, het huilt, het verteld van kracht, ritme, wonderlijke muziek…
Mooi..vind ik!


What I knew was this soda
What I knew was this soda
Make me sad
What I knew was this soda
Make me sad
Make my heart hell
Take my eyes off Jeyhun
How did I know that my flood would suddenly hit me?
He will suddenly kidnap me
Chu throws my ship between my bloody pen
Between my bloody pen
Zand wave on that ship
That the board breaks
That every board collapses
From various tours
The whale also raised its head
He ate that sea water
Such an endless sea
Be dehydrated
Be waterless like us
Waterless like us
When these conversions came
Neither we nor the sea remained
I don’t know why it happened again
That’s because he’s drowning
Because it is immersed in unquestioning
What a lot of knowledge
What a lot of knowledge
But I don’t know
That I ate from the mouth of this sea, in this sea
Opium insole

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