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Of je nog seks wilt hebben met Neanderthalers oid


Nou ehm ik zie niet zoveel verschil met veel mensen tegenwoordig?
Ik zit volgens mij echt in het verkeerde Mandela effect hoor!
En eh Nee bedankt!
Ik wil niet!

The final face of a Neanderthal man sculpted and designed over a plaster cast of an actual Neanderthal skull - Imgur https://www.pinterest.com/mickishel/fascinating-ancient-faces/:

Recent Sightings of Neanderthals — scientific reconstructions (August 2011):

The Neanderthals or Neandertals are an extinct species of human in the genus Homo, possibly a subspecies of Homo sapiens. They are very closely related to modern humans, differing in DNA by only 0.3%, which however is twice that of the widest DNA gap found among contemporary humans. Old lifelike reconstruction of a Neanderthal man.:

Neanderthals were as Smart as Early Humans, Say Scientists. In a new review of recent studies on Neanderthals, anthropologists have found that complex interbreeding and assimilation may have been responsible for Neanderthal disappearance about 40,000 years ago, not the superiority of their human contemporaries.:


Homo erectus ("upright man") is an extinct species of hominid that lived about 1.3 to 1.8 million years ago. The species originated in Africa and spread as far as India, China and Java. It is debated that it may be identical to Homo ergaster, which is commonly accepted as the direct ancestor of modern humans.:

Okeey de nachtmerrie is nu wel compleet

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