02 december 2020


Boerenlullen en kalfjes

Music is 528HzReflections by 4biddenknowledge @Regrann from @belinda_vegan – Those of you that are mothers and continue to drink milk, why do you support such an industry that destroys motherhood? Animals share and experience the same emotions as us. As you can clearly see in this video, this is a mother grieving for her child. And she is completely helpless to do anything to rectify the situation. We are exposing the horrors of animal agriculture. Open your eyes. animals are not here on this Earth for us to exploit in any way. Animals share this earth with us. Go vegan for all animals.!?________________@Regrann from @choose_vegan – This mother, enslaved by the dairy industry, is having to face the stress and heartbreak of her baby being torn away from her just moments after giving birth.And for what – so human's can "profit" from pointlessly stealing the milk that nature intended for their babies and in the process harm both the environment and our own health? Please, instead, choose plant based alternatives. – Music is 528 Hz Reflections by #4biddenknowledge now available everywhere.

Geplaatst door 4biddenknowledge op zaterdag 3 juni 2017

Ik vind dit enorm triest!
Laat kalfjes bij de moeders aub!
Hoe wreed kan men zijn, dit is toch de natuur… zo hoort het.

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