So me..

Rockabilly style:


Angel Wings Stencil with silver leaf on Canvas | Simple Southern Charm:



Awesome Quotes: One Day I Will Move On…:


F. Scott Fitzgerald quote. Writing Tips by Famous Authors board at Michael McClintock Poet on Pinterest.:




Charles Amable Lenoir:


Gold queen Ophelia by Xiao Zuo ( concepts / concept / art / characters / character / digital / games / game / fantasy / gold armor / golden armour / throne / sword / blonde black hair / female / swords / staff / metal / warrior / scales / chain mail / chainmail / arcane circle / mage / wings / wing / illustration / illustrative / splash art / design / human / ):

Milky Way Symphony - Sand Beach, Acadia National Park, Maine (1 July 2014) photograph by Aaron Priest:

Pinup hair:

goth. layers. great for fall or winter fashion. hmmmm.... I suppose it would depend on how winter-y your winters are. lol:

graphic black eyeshadow:



Pluk de dag!:


Maak een pinterest account aan en maak moodboards oid… en maak bv een bord die me, jou, ik, of die ander is…
Echt leuk en interessant om te doen!




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