23 juni 2021



How Do You Know If It's Really Your Twin Flame (10 Conclusive Indications That You've Met Your Twin Flame) - "1) Magnetic pull 2) Different from everything you've known 3) Home 4) Unconditional love 5) Meeting yourself 6) Telepathy 7) Out of body sex 8) Signs and numbers 9) Sharing dreams 10) A warning"

Waar die knurft toch uithangt geen idee…diepe zucht ut uit nu!


Twin flame Oracle ~Message from Your Twin Flame #twinflame #soulmates #love #union #pastlife

Uhuh het zal wel!

Twin Flame Oracle ~ Message from your higher self

Hij is de weg kwijt dus…

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twin flame healing 4

Kwil die blauwuh!
Many of us have experienced the 11:11 phenomenon—seeing the number 11 repeatedly as we go about our daily lives. I started seeing it two years ago—on clocks, cars, receipts, phones, bank statements…everywhere. The craziest time was when I was looking for an apartment to rent. I saw my dream place online, and was amazed when I arrived to apartment …

Zo’n twintower….oh?

Twin Soul Experience Or Twin Flame Signs And Symptoms

Zie dat laatste hé? Das pas seks!

#depodol #loveletterstobatman

Zo dat dus

"So it is for you and Dean." - Gabriel to Rhia

Nou ja… ik hoef niet meer hoor!

oooh beautiful #twinflames #myladycomesbacktome #ourheartsreturnhometeachother <3 :)

Ach ja zal wel

Zie hem niet

Us in a nutshell babe!

What Is The Goal Or Purpose For Twin Flame Union

Lastig je weet niet wat of wie

Quotes by Akwa Beauty & Wellness  #quotes #akwa #akwawellness #quoteoftheday #instaquotes


The last night our souls met in my dream was the night before we met... I've Loved you before and will forever

Ik verveel me…

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