16 juni 2021


Who goes to war is insane

John Brown went off to war to fight on a foreign shore, his mama sure was proud of him! He stood straight and tall in his uniform and all, his mama’s face broke out all in a grin…
Oh his face was all shot up and his hand was all blown off and he wore a metal brace around his waist, he whispered kind of slow, in a voice she did not know while she couldn’t even recognize his face!
“Don’t you remember, Ma, when I went off to war, you thought it was the best thing I could do? I was on the battleground, you were home . . . acting proud, you wasn’t there standing in my shoes”
“Oh, and I thought when I was there, God, what am I doing here? I’m a-tryin’ to kill somebody or die tryin’ but the thing that scared me most was when my enemy came close and I saw that his face looked just like mine”

“And I couldn’t help but think, through the thunder rolling and stink that I was just a puppet in a play and through the roar and smoke, this string is finally broke and a cannonball blew my eyes away”

As he turned away to walk, his Ma was still in shock at seein’ the metal brace that helped him stand but as he turned to go, he called his mother close and he dropped his medals down into her hand…..



Who goes to war is insane
You are just a puppet on a string







Het licht

Vind je

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Te Leven

Zinloos Moorden

Uiteengrukte Families


Gooi je wapens neer

Zonder jullie




Niets meer

Laat ze een Potje


Wie wint

Heeft Gewonnen



Neonazi’s stel dat, je na de dood weerkomt hier op deez aard?

Het karma heeft dan vast een verrassing voor jou bewaard.

Vluchtend uit jouw vaderland, geen familie, heel alleen……….

Vind je in een ander land enkel haat om jou heen.

Denk je dat eens in?!

In een ander leven….’Maybe you will have a black skin’?


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