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Als mensen het niet begrijpen!

Woon je hier in de buurt?


1913, 100 years ago, this is how people dressed...it makes me a little sad for what we wear now...:

Pardonne le moi?

Heey ik vind je leuk en aardig!

Zac effron I love u:

Scuse me?????

Ben je nu boos?
Thor. Nothing to say against men in stupid costumes if they end up looking like this (and the film is good too! ):


Ben je gay?
Xavier La Montagne..... French.. full of himself.. Jamie's race rival... rich snobbier boy:

Neeheeeeeeeee hoe kom je er bij?
Wat doe je stoer?
Men's Fashion:

Eh heey ik Bén stoer!!!!!!


Verveel jij je ofzo?

Gorgeous Long Haired Men ~ He's Beautiful!:

Neuh ik hang zomaar in de bomen!

Heb jij nu zulke grote ballen?

Don't like how the trousers hang but love the jacket!:

Nee hoor mijn broek is wat te grotesk!

Waarom doe je nu zo lullig?

Arrogant men in suits who think they are "all that" make me crazy.:

Eh? Dat hoort bij mijn stijl!


Heb je wel gehoord wat ik eigenlijk zei?
Men´s style:

Wát zeg je?

Zo jij ziet er goed uit!
Rhage was cursed by the Scribe Virgin to turn into a dragon with unslakable hunger when he became angry or lost control of his emotions.  He uses women to keep control of his dark side.  When he meets human, Mary Luce, she strikes to his heart and he knows she's the one woman he can love. But how is it possible for a sick human and a nearly immortal vampire with a dark curse to find love together? Some miracles are possible for those who love deeply and are willing to sacrifice.Tobias Cameroon:

Who the fuck are you?

Heey leuk nieuwe buren!
Sit Down, Boo Boo: 7 Types of Arrogant Men:

Wij staan boven jou, zie je dat?

Eet jij nu gezonde sateprikkers zonder kunstmatige kunstige stoffen?
Gregory Peck (April 5, 1916 - June 12, 2003). S):

Nee ik heb pijn in mijn bek!

Oh god dat zijn de nieuwe buren!
In this video from Planned Parenthood, Danielle shares her gut-wrenching story about how a restrictive new Nebraska law devastated their family.:

Kunnen we op bezoek komen?

Jij kunt vast lekker koken

TV Chef James Martin♥.•:*´¨`*:•♥ Love the series he did on hospital food and changing it for healthier food:

Nee dit is mijn carnavalstenue!

Heb je drugs gebruikt ofzo?

scott disick - hot, funny, and just enough arrogance to be attractive, haha!:

Nee dit is mijn normale blik

I love you!
“Confidence can sometimes be misconstrued as arrogance.” Ozwald Boateng:


Ben jij de nieuwe James Bond?

too cool:

Heey dit is mijn Armani outfit, om indruk te maken op de rijkere dames!

Eh je blousje zakt af

Arrogant Cat London PU Peplum Bodice with Cross Back:

Nee dit hoort toch zo?

Ben je militair ofzo?


Nee? Ik hou van deze kleding duh!

Gave legging!
Long white shirt, grey jumper, black jeans, chunky shoes:

Ja die is van mijn vriendin!

Ben je zwanger?
" A potbellied man with thin hair, sagging jowls, and a week old beard squinted into the sunlight." (12.180) Van Houten, the author of An Imperial Affliction, turns out to be nothing like what Hazel thought he'd be. He's rude and arrogant.:

Nee ik ben een man!

Heb je een berenmuts op?
Arrogant Cat London Cloche with Ears:

Nee ik ben een beer!

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I want you!

His Look say's a lot, Hes come into a crime seen & he's  being questioned. His slumped arrogant poster & vain Look on His face shows He thinks He is the smart-is person in the room.!!! His Face also say's He's about to say, if you think I did it prove "IT".:


Ben je boos?

"The professor regarded her as she kneeled, just as she had in  his office, and silent shook his head.  She was without arrogance or selfish pride, which he knew was a good thing, but it pained him to see her constantly on her knees, although he couldn't exactly say why.":

Nee ik denk na!

Ben je verliefd op mij?

Jack Black is my dream man...I'm totally in love.:





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